Trees and shrubs prolong life

Chinese and American scientists from Duke University (North Carolina) and Duke University Kunshan (Jiangsu Province) found that an increased amount of green space has a beneficial effect on human health and can prolong the life of older people.

The study began fourteen years ago. During this time, 23,754 people aged 80 years and older participated in the experiment. All of them lived in twenty-two different provinces of China, where the countryside accounted for 79.5% of the participants. During the experiment, it was found that older people living in the most “green” regions (area of ​​parks from 19,625 square meters), the mortality rate is 27 percent lower than those who live in areas of low concentration of greenery.

The main reason for this phenomenon is the fact that in such “green” areas there is less air pollution. Also, dense vegetation absorbs excess noise, which can negatively affect the brain. Among other things, one of the reasons for such results is the fact that greens contribute to psychological recovery. For example, it is believed that the movement of the foliage has a meditative effect. People also prefer to play sports in parks and avenues than in the close environment of cars and concrete and metalhouses.

A similar study on the benefits of trees began after the unprecedented urbanization of China (60% by 2020, according to forecasts), after which the megalopolises of this country began to turn into stone jungles without any green areas. As John Jie, a leading specialist at Duke Kunshan University, notes, this is the first such experiment in mainland China. Also, the scientist noted that the benefits of “green” were carried out before the study, but data analysis was carried out only in Europe and North America.

For example, experts from the Barcelona Institute for World Health (ISGlobal) noted that diversity and a large amount of greens have a beneficial effect on the development of children. Experts have shown that primary schoolchildren growing in houses surrounded by abundant vegetation had more white and gray matter in the brain. This contributed to the improvement of attention and memory, as well as to the development of imagination.

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