The doctors were struck by a young man who cried in blood

a 22-year-old young man, a resident of the Andaman Islands, was struck by medics: blood flowed from his eyes. Currently unknown cause of this phenomenon. Doctors conducted a series of tests, but the results did not help clarify the situation. 

In medicine, the phenomenon of bloody tears is called hemolacria, this pathology has several possible causes. A liver test, tests, checking for blood clots or internal bleeding showed that everything was normal in the body . Ailments such as dengue fever, leptospirosis or von Willebrand’s genetic disease are excluded by doctors.

In this case, hemolacria is considered idiopathic, that is, it has no established cause. There is no sensation in this either, according to statistics, 30 percent of cases of bloody “tears” are not determined by pronounced causes. Doctors believe that usually such a phenomenon causes a tumor in the lacrimal apparatus, severe bacterial conjunctivitis, local damage or infection of the eyes, trauma to the face, swelling, nasal bleeding or malfunction of the blood vessels.

Until the cause of the bloody “tears” is precisely established, this disease cannot be scientifically described and the appropriate treatment developed. 

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