Smart glasses will make distance operations a reality

in the near future it will be possible to conduct operations from anywhere in the world, several thousand kilometers away. This will become a reality thanks to special glasses. This invention will be an indispensable tool for hot spots. 

Now, you are an era of high technology, distance is not a problem. Unique glasses can be connected to a laptop, a smartphone with pre-installed software. The main requirement is the availability of the Internet.

First, this device will be tested in general surgery, then the glasses will be used by other specialists, for example, plastic surgeons. 

While experts are testing “smart” glasses with built-in cameras that transmit a signal. The device costing 1500 pounds (about 133 thousand rubles) has many functions, including a microphone and headphones, it can zoom in and out at the microscope level. Surgeons who are close to the patient will use glasses and their eyes will be watched by surgeons who are at a great distance. They will advise the doctor who performs the operation in detail.

In the near future, smart glasses will go to medical units of military units and will be tested in practice in Afghanistan and in the territory of the Congo.

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