Psychologists have figured out how a sense of humor affects relationships

Scientists from the University of Kansas conducted a study on the meaning of humor in relationships. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that when a man and a woman make fun of each other in paired relationships , this habit can distance them from each other or bring them closer together.

For maintaining relationships, joking in communication partners is very important. If partners laugh at something together, this can increase the force of attraction between them. To this conclusion, scientists came as a result of a study of 39 studies, which include data from 150 thousand people.

It turned out that if a person has a sense of humor and people around are considered cheerful, this does not mean that he will be successful in a love relationship. It is important to joke and laugh together, as it is very important with getting satisfaction in a relationship. Avoid aggressive jokes, as they may offend the other half.

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