On New Year’s holidays, 12 thousand Russians died from alcohol.

The long New Year holidays ended tragically for 12 thousand Russians due to excessive alcohol consumption. These data, including the Ministry of Health and Rosstat, are provided by the head of the Trezvaya Rossiya FP Sultan Khamzayev.

Every day about 6 thousand people die in Russia, and during the New Year holidays this figure rises to 8 thousand people. Most of the dead men – 78 percent, 22 percent – women.

According to information from ambulance doctors, the main cause of death is an excess dose of alcohol. The abuse of alcohol during the holidays “beats” the heart, causing tachycardia and angina.

Other causes of death include injuries and poor quality alcohol. People are poisoned by “wire rod” – counterfeit alcohol, and its share in the domestic market is about 40 percent.

Representatives of “Sober Russia” reported that over the past seven years, the number of deaths that occurred due to poor quality alcohol poisoning has increased by 17%. 

As we wrote earlier, most of the population of the Russian Federation is dying from alcoholism and smoking at working age, far ahead of other countries in these indicators. In 2019, Russia ranks first in terms of mortality from alcoholism . In 2016, Russia was in third place among the top three countries on this indicator. 

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