Foods that should be consumed

As they say, how many people, so many opinions. In our case, they are nutritionists. Some urge to refuse the use of fruits, soybeans, others, on the contrary, believe that they cannot do without them. These disputes can be endless. To keep your body healthy, your condition is better, include in your diet a list of these products.

Nutritionists agreed that blueberries are a useful product that contains 15 types of biologically active substances that protect almost all body systems. Antioxidants protect cells and muscles from damage. Blueberries are rich in fiber, iron, zinc, calcium, and potassium. It helps fight heart disease.

Leafy greens are low in calories, very nutritious. It contains vitamins A, K, C, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, lutein, protein. In good standing with nutritionists cabbage, it prevents heart and cancer diseases. Reduces cholesterol and removes toxins.

All nutritionists, without exception, agreed that avocado is the most useful product in the world. It contains vitamins K, C, B5 and B6 and minerals. Rich in fiber, potassium. Prefer avocado with blackish-green skin, it has more than the right fats. With constant use of the fetus, the skin will become better, the brain works better, additional energy will appear. Avocado contains magnesium, which we lack in life.

Beans – a useful and nutritious representative of legumes. By consuming it, the level of cholesterol, sugar in the blood will decrease, and excess weight will disappear. Rich in vitamins of group B (1, 2, 5, 6), A, PP, K, C, E.

Nobody doubts the benefits of lemon. It normalizes cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation. For excellent digestion, lemon water will become indispensable. Use lemon juice in salads to reduce the calorie content of the dish.

Chia seeds are hugely popular, and for good reason. There are a lot of rumors about their miraculous actions. They contain omega-3, fiber, providing healthy digestion. Slow down oxidative processes. Chia has a lot of calcium, magnesium, which is good for bones.

Approvals got sprouts. They are “live food”, they can be grown independently and added to dishes. They contain probiotics, antioxidants, strong immunostimulants. Easily absorbed, the body is filled with active substances, which contributes to the rapid recovery.

The place of honor is wild salmon. It contains Omega-3, B vitamins, which is good for the skin. Unlike farmed salmon, it does not contain toxins. Prevents heart disease, saturates with good cholesterol. Wild salmon improves mood.

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