Five Baby Care Tips from the Famous Dr. Spock

At one time, and it was seventy years ago, the book by Benjamin Spock, “The Child and the Care of Him,” was considered a table for thousands of young mothers. This may seem strange, but even today, some parents follow the advice outlined in this book. I am sure that some of the tips today can be horrifying. Let’s look at some of them.

  • A newborn’s shirt should be long. It is better to have several at once. The size of these shirts should be one year old, then the child will not be able to throw off the blanket.

Perhaps once it was possible to wear a long shirt on an infant. But today, many even refuse diapers. In addition, there are a lot of beautiful and comfortable clothes for babies on sale.

  • If the baby does not mind, it is desirable to teach him to immediately sleep on the tummy.

This advice may seem wild, because there is a syndrome of sudden death of babies. Such misfortune can occur if the baby is sleeping on its stomach. Today pediatricians strongly recommend that babies sleep on their side or back.

  • A newborn does not need beauty, but needs comfort. Therefore, at the beginning, not only a cradle can approach it, but a basket or even a box.

Today, when the shops are bursting with comfortable cots and prams. It would not even occur to the child to put the child in the vacuum cleaner box or chest of drawers.

  • To teach the little one to sleep yourself, you should put him at the right time and leave the room. As a rule, the child will scream for 30 minutes and fall asleep. The next day, he will scream for 10 minutes, and then he will get used to it.

I do not know how the parents of the past, but today not everyone has the strength to withstand the cry of their own child. Moreover, the doctors strongly advise to spend the first time with the baby so that he feels the hands and voice of the mother.

  • The first breastfeeding is carried out 18 hours after birth.

Strange, but why torture the child who received generic stress . If there were no complications, then the child is better to immediately attach to the chest. It is useful for mom and well calms the newborn.

For the first feeding use orange juice.

Well, here you can fall. Most likely, Dr. Spock did not know about diathesis and allergies . Otherwise, how could you come up with such nonsense?

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