Chickenpox: Symptoms and Treatment

Did you know that the notorious treatment with green paint for chickenpox does not give anything, except that you can determine if there are new rashes?

Parents are often very worried when a child gets chickenpox. Of course, a pleasant little, but do not panic.

Chickenpox is a very contagious disease. Almost 90% of people have had this disease. Immunity can be purchased only after the disease and usually there will be no second time.

In order for a chickenpox to become infected, it is not at all necessary to have close contact with the sick person. The virus is active for ten minutes, and this is quite enough to pick it up at a rather large distance. Accordingly, the infection occurs through airborne droplets.

As a rule, no symptoms of the disease are observed during the incubation period. Initially, the virus enters the respiratory tract, and then through the lymph into the blood. For each person, the disease is different. After entering the body, the first stage of the disease begins, which can last from 10 to 21 days. During this period, a person may feel very tired and feel bone aches or pain in the joints.

After this stage, the disease becomes contagious. It is during this period that red spots first appear on the body, and then watery bubbles. The disease proceeds with a wave rise in temperature. If it is a mild form, then the temperature rise will not be significant, and if the form is severe, then the temperature will be high. Severe rash can cover the entire body, including the mouth and face. Severe discomfort and fevermay last a week or a little less. We must remember that the rash causes severe itching. Many doctors do not advise to wet the rash, but practice shows that regular baths or showers are not hot, they very well relieve the itch and do not allow dry crusts to form after which small but noticeable sweeps may remain. As stated above, brilliant green with chickenpox is completely useless. Everybody has chickenpox in different ways, usually the mild form lasts two or three weeks. And harder can last much longer.

As a rule, a person does not get rid of chickenpox completely. The body produces antibodies that do not allow the virus to multiply, but the virus itself remains in the human body forever, but is no longer able to manifest itself.

Indeed, there are cases when a person with a reduced immunity can develop a disease – shingles. This disease is caused by the same virus as chickenpox. This disease can occur only in an adult.

Chickenpox in mild form is not dangerous, many pediatricians even advise parents to consciously infect a child with chickenpox, if there is such a possibility. Just an adult who did not have chickenpox in childhood suffers from it very hard. By the way today, there is a vaccine for chickenpox. As shown, this vaccine is very effective. But it is worth remembering that the effectiveness of vaccination depends on age. The older the person, the weaker the protection.

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