British researchers: young smokers age 20 years faster

British scientists told about one more reason to stop smoking – this is the biological age of a person. Based on the study, American scientists came to the conclusion that after 20 years smokers are in good health at 40 years of biological age.

It was possible to calculate this indicator with the help of an artificial intelligence program, which determined that the smokers were twice as old as their biological passport. This statement once again convincingly proved the harm of smoking to an organism that is aging rapidly due to the habit of smoking.

In the course of the study, scientists analyzed blood samples taken from tens of thousands of volunteers to find out what effect smoking has on biological aging (the state of the body ). As a result, it turned out that most smokers by the age of 30 have a biological age of 41 to 50. Older smokers do not differ in such a difference, probably because scientists say that few smokers live to a respectable age.

As for non-smokers, when they reach 62 years of age, scientists have noted the practical “equality” of biological and passport ages.

Bio-age was calculated by researchers carefully and taking into account indicators of blood pressure, blood sugar levels and waste products with urine, as well as the elasticity of blood vessels, the condition of the skin and dozens of other data.

In the process of research, scientists found that smokers are aging women faster than men . 

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